Huntington Gardens

In another life, I was a botanist, and my love of plants ruined my marriage and kept me emotionally distant from my family. Probably. In this life, I am single and clean the pores on my Monstera Deliciciosa every Sunday morning. I've named my desk plants after movies I especially enjoyed. And I'm single. 

I grew up with a beautiful cat that somehow always knew when I was sad. Like every single person who ever owned a cat always says, my cat thought like a human; he just knew. To this day I long to have another pet that I can take care of and nap with, but the lease for my apartment holds me back. So, I've begun to adopt plants. They're my family, and I love them. 

Because of this, my love of botanical gardens has blossomed in the last year. I can't get enough of large gardens. I think living in Los Angeles has contributed to the love of being surrounded by life. In a city that is a hub of culture and chaos I find it can feel somewhat plastic at times. 

My very good friend Joshua recently visited and we had the opportunity to walk around the Huntington Gardens on a cool, overcast day. It was the sort of experience that continues to take your breath away over, and over again. We gasped aloud in synconization too many times to count, and laughed at ourselves even more. 

Rose gardens, and Japanese gardens, tea houses, sculptures, and several estates filled with art. The architecture was mesmerizing, but my favorite part was watching my friend explore next to me. It was really wonderful to explore the 120 acres with someone who appreciated the energy the plants shared.

I plan to keep adding to my family for the time being, and maybe one day I will leave my own garden behind that will take the breath away from many others.


Gardens, I love you. You too Joshua.