San Diego

I've lived in Los Angeles for two just over two years, and while I like to think I've explored many different parts of the state, I usually find myself on mountaintops or surrounded by the largest trees in the world. 

Recently my philosophy of weekends has entirely changed. While I used to see weekends as an opportunity to just relax and spend time stepping away from the world, I've shifted perspectives. I am focusing on seeing each weekend as an adventure, an opportunity to live more. So, I headed to San Diego for the first time to meet up with my good friend Christina, and cultivate new life experiences.

We found this little hike near La Jolla that seemed reserved for surfers only. Once we started the hike we ran into some precarious drop offs, and a few spots where hugging the rock front was the only way to not slide down into a hospital visit. It was scary, but it made the whole event that much more interesting. At one point I had to leave my camera, shoes, and bag all behind as I slipped through the narrow cracks off the main path. I didn't have a chance to get a photo, but I ended up at a dried up waterfall looking down at a pool thirty feet below. When we finally reached the waterfront we had to scale a steep incline with some ropes clearly left behind by a kind surfer-dude. It was the perfect way to spend a few hours before we started our day. 

After trekking through crevices and fighting the temptation to lean over steep drop offs we needed to refuel. I looked up different places and found a coffee shop (I imagine it's fairly well known) that had a floral shop and a nursery attached. It was nothing short of perfection. Communal Coffee made all of my deepest most imaginative iced latte dreams all come true. I already have my eye (and heart) on their Lavender Honey Latte for my next trip. North Park Nursery is essentially connected to the patio of Communal Coffee and there is seating in the nursery; you can sit in the shade surrounded by gorgeous plants. I nearly cried.

Last stop of the day was the infamous Balboa Park. Having never been to San Diego before I really wanted to check out the Botanical Gardens, and it blew away my expectations. I think botanical gardens are one of life's greatest small pleasures - I can't wait to visit more. Weekend adventures have been on my mind so much lately. I want to take advantage of the moments when I could be doing something I have never done before, making memories and cultivating experiences is rewarding in ways that resting and letting days pass can never be. I know it sounds like such a simple idea, but to take ahold of it and live it out is a challenge; it's definitely one I am continuously looking forward to tackling. 

Every time I leave Los Angeles it's to be surrounded in some way by nature. Oddly enough, my trip to San Diego wasn't all too different. I can't wait to go back. In the mean time, I'm heading to Seattle and Calgary to visit some beautiful people and check a few sunrises and mountains off my never ending list. 

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