Playlist – I.G.C.O.L.T.T.

I have been curating playlists every few weeks and sharing them with my friends, and I have found it to be really enjoyable. Each playlist has somewhat of a theme, a story, or a just a general feeling. This playlist is really about letting go of any internal doubts and feeling a little bad ass. While I was giving this set of songs a test drive, with my windows down, I got cussed out by a brit in a BWM that decided he needed two lanes to drive in. I'm generally a people pleaser, and normally that would have ruined my evening, but this time I laughed it off and pantomimed a hair-flip emoji as I drove away dancing to what is now the first track on the playlist, Fire by Louis The Child. I am able to channel more bad-assery with this song than any other. I hope you do too when you take a listen (Apple Music and Spotify below).

"I'm gonna run this empire
And if I go down in flames, the smoke gonna spell my name.”

    —Louis The Child, Fire